The gift of Swartzy Jr.

christmas babyUpdate!

Mrs. Swartzy, much to our happiness, has passed the 37-week mark of her pregnancy without giving birth to Swartzy Jr.

If you follow along with the blog, you will recall that we were worried that Swartzy Jr. would come too early since Mrs. Swartzy was told at her last doctor’s appointment that she was three centimeters dilated.

Her next appointment is in two days. Her hope was to make it at least to that date before giving labor. Fingers crossed.

Originally I was startled by the news that Swartzy Jr. was coming early. Now I’m really looking forward to it. While I was feeling him move around in Mrs. Swartzy’s stomach last night, I wished that I could see him and hold him in my arms. If I’m lucky, my wish will come true soon.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to go back and forth with names. The other night Mrs. Swartzy was bringing up new names we’ve never even discussed before. That frustrated me. I thought we had a final three.

Sorry Swartzy Jr. Maybe we’ll just call you “Baby Cakes”.

While walking the dogs tonight, I noticed that a few houses already had Christmas decorations and lights out. Some radio stations have even started playing holiday music.

While it seems way too early for that kind of stuff, it got me thinking about having family holidays with our son. That made me happy.

Since I live a couple hours from my parents and my family, I unfortunately miss out on holidays with them. That has been a difficult transition for me the last couple years. I think of a lot holiday memories we shared growing up and it makes me sad about not spending those days with them.

I suppose change is a part of life we must deal with. And here’s comes another change with new family holiday traditions and the gift of Swartzy Jr.

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